marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

Miserable Absence Of Harmony / Sarkofachocrss88 "split 2008"

that's one is a old one but in my opinion is fucking great. M.A.O.H play some grind/noise shits plus 3 cover tracks one from Regurgitate, one from Intestinal Dsgorge and the last one from Purulent Spermcanal . Sarkofachocrss88 make your ears to bleed in 15 minutes (one of the best NoiseCore siko from France)
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Great Noisy GrindGore from both bands !
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miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010


great NoiseCore from Brazil !
1. Anti-Timpanos - 1992 - Resistência Noisecore (demo tape)
2. Anti-Timpanos - 1992 - Tributo à Morte De Sid Vicious
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OUTO "many question poison answer" (1984)

Japanese hc punk band !
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NAPALM '1984-1986"

Japanese noisy/hc/punk!!!
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Prosthetic Cunt

Awesome cyber/noisy/grind/gore ! Yeah, Prosthetic Cunt is one of the most greatest project by Roger Beaujard (Mortician, Malignancy)
2001 - Fuckin' Your Daughter With A Frozen Vomit Fuck Stick
2003 - I've Been Bad With Sound
2006 - I'm All Down With Green Pussy
2009 - Building Better Bitches
2009 - Sufficiently Stoned
download :

check their site for more crap :


experimental/harshnoise/noisecore from brazil !
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